The Northwest College Bookstore Association is a trade association composed of almost 100 college bookstores and nearly 100 vendor/associate members.

The purpose of the association is to:

  • Promote a high standard of business methods and ethics among its members and the campus community they serve.
  • Unite in one organization, those persons engaged in the retail sale of books, course materials, supplies, and other merchandise to students, faculty, and staff of colleges.
  • Promote cooperation and better understanding of mutual interests with publishers, manufacturers, and distributors.
Membership is open to any organization within the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta whose major business is selling course books and supplies to students, staff, and faculty of educational institutions.  Associate membership is offered to vendors providing merchandise and services to the college bookstore markets.
Annual Dues:
Annual dues are currently $200, payable at the time of application, and January 1 each year thereafter.  If you wish to join now, please complete the New Membership Application form.
If you have any questions regarding joining the association or the benefits you receive as a member, please contact the Membership Services Committee Chair, Eric Ho via email or call 206-592-3324 or contact any other board member.