Jon Koehler Memorial Scholarship Application

NCBA Guidelines for Scholarships

The NCBA Executive Board has adopted the following rules governing the award of financial assistance to attend NCBA seminars, NCBA Meetings, and other NCBA Co-Sponsored Seminars:

  1. Financial Assistance is granted from the Northwest College Bookstore Association.
  2. Applicants employed by a member college store may request assistance.
  3. The completed application for financial assistant must be received at the Office of the NCBA President prior to the opening date of the seminar or meeting.
  4. Only one individual per store may be granted assistance.  No store will be granted more than one award within any 22-month period.
  5. The maximum award for each seminar or meeting will be established by the Executive Board.
  6. In the event that the number of qualified applicants exceeds the funds available, preference will be given to need, prior awards, and the date the request was received.
  7. Financial assistance granted will be decided by the President and Immediate Past President.
  8. Applicants should register for the meeting and pay the required fees.
In addition, the person seeking financial assistance will need to benefit by attendance and the institution they serve must agree to grant time with pay for attendance and that reqested funds are not otherwise available.  Financial assistance can be provided to help cover the costs of registration fees, lodging, and travel.
If you have any questions, please contact Meredith Schreiber at [email protected] or 503-399-2535.
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